Peruzzi Finally Apologizes To Pamilerin



Peruzzi Finally Apologizes To Pamilerin

Peruzzi Finally Apologizes To Pamilerin: Peruzzi, has apologized to Nigerian influencer, Pamilerin after slapping him at an event in Bayelsa state.

The Majesty singer took to his Twitter page to tender an apology to Pamelrin for attacking him in such a demeaning manner.

Peruzzi revealed that he let his feelings get the best of him and that such actions would never repeat itself.

He then went ahead to reprimand the internet trolls who cause more harm than good in this world of ours in the name of comics and memes. While you are having your fun someone else is out there suffering in hurt and pain.

People come on here to say things just to get RTs and Likes. But you never get to really understand cos you’re on the “funny” end of the whole thing.

Someone else is somewhere feeling hurt because you don’t see that very thin line between Opinion and Insult.


— PERUZZI (@Peruzzi_VIBES) June 10, 2019


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